Move: A 24-Hour Film Competition


We are holding our 3rd annual MOVE: A 24-Hour Film Competition! Utah is full of seasoned and emerging artists and we want to see your work. Challenge your film making abilities while competing for incredible prizes and opportunities with only 24-hours to complete your film. Winning films will be shown at special screenings, as well as being showcased in our 2018 Utah Dance Film Festival!

Bring your crew, make your film, and let your artistic voice be heard!

Full Filmmaker details will be sent in a Filmmaker Packet, following the completion of your registration.

Filmmaker Registration

Professional Team $60

Pre-Professional/Student Team $40


Adhere to Theme:

Showcase the incredible possibilities of human movement and physical achievement

4 Minute Limit

Complete within the 24-Hour time period



1st Place

2nd Place


1st Place

2nd Place


Audience Choice

Downtown Provo Award


Friday, OCT. 13th

11am-12pm Filmmaker Check-in

Saturday, OCT. 14th

12pm Film Submissions

3-6pm Audience Choice Voting

7:30pm Awards Showcase


25% Adherence to Theme

25% Originality and Creativity

50% Cinematography


  1. Premise. The premise of your film must be based on the theme: Showcase the incredible possibilities of human movement and physical achievement. The options are very open-ended. They could be a narrative, comedy, experimental, documentary, music video, etc. As long as it incorporates HUMAN MOVEMENT and/or PHYSICAL ACHIEVEMENT of some type. This includes but is not limited to dance, sports, outdoor recreation, extreme sports, etc.
  2. Registration. The registration fee is only applicable to the ‘Filmmaker.’ One fee per film/team.
  3. Following Registration. Filmmakers will receive a packet via email containing rules, requirements and a survey. The survey must be completed by OCTOBER 1, 2017 for full eligibility to participate in MOVE: A 24-Hour Film Competition.
  4. Competition Day. Films must be completed within the designated 24-hour time period: 12noon, MST, October 13, 2017 through 12noon, MST, October 14, 2017. The creative process during this time includes: script writing, rehearsing, set design, shooting, editing, sound design, and rendering. Any films created outside of this time period will be disqualified.
  5. Pre-Competition Day. The following items ARE permitted in preparation of your film: organizing cast and crew, obtaining equipment, securing locations, costume design, and movement/dance choreography design.
  6. Required Elements. Your team will receive a required element at filmmaker check-in. Each filmmaker must be present to choose this element at random. Your film must include this element within the production.
  7. Content. Films must be suitable for all ages. Inappropriate content such as nudity and explicit language will be reason to withdrawal the film from our screenings and eligibility for awards. Our event is open to the public and we must maintain that standard.
  8. Footage. No stock footage is allowed. Animation is allowed if created within official 24-hour period. Still images are permitted, with rights from photographer. Please credit all images and collaborations.
  9. Cameras and Equipment. Any type of camera and equipment is allowed.
  10. Music Rights. It is the Filmmaker’s duty to obtain all rights to music. Utah Dance Film Festival, LLC and MOVE: A 24-Hour Film Competition are not liable for misuse of music and/or use of music without obtaining proper permission.
  11. Film Length. Your film must not exceed 4:00 minutes―not including credits.
  12. Film Credits. Credits must not exceed 40 seconds in length. The following credit requirements should remain for any future screenings or online sharing.
    • End credit requirements―Include the text: ‘This film was created for the MOVE: A 24-Hour Film Competition 2017.’
  13. Final Film Submissions. Submissions are due by September 16, 2017 at 12noon, MST. Bring your film on a labeled jump drive and the ‘Final Submission Agreement’ document to assigned location given in Filmmaker packet.  We will begin taking submissions at 11:00am.
  14. Film Format
    • Supply your completed film on your jump drive in its original edited format using “Compressor” or “Adobe Media Encoder” in one of the following formats:
      • Quicktime movie (Apple ProRes 422 is preferred)
      • H.264 mp4, best quality
    • You may also send a second copy of your film via wetransfer, Dropbox, or GoogleDrive to, Subject line: MOVE Submission, (filmmaker name)
    • **If the film is created on a mobile device, shoot in the highest resolution possible and email in the highest resolution, a .mov file to, Subject line: MOVE Submission, (filmmaker name)
    • Each team is responsible for the following items upon submitting your final project:
      • Quality, sound levels, and lighting of your film
      • Securing releases for talent, crew, music and locations (and any other applicable releases)
      • Pre-screenings online or through any other venue or event prior to the 2017 MOVE: A 24-Hour Film Competition screenings and Awards Showcase are prohibited and subject to disqualification
  15. Late Films. Late submissions will be accepted until 12:30pm. However, you will be docked up to 15% of your total score, depending on time of submission. Score reductions begin at 12:01pm, MST.
  16. Awards. Cash and prizes will be presented to registered Filmmaker/Team name at the Awards Showcase on September 16, 2017 at 7:30pm (see survey link for further information).

Utah Dance Film Festival and MOVE: A 24-Hour Film Competition has the right to disqualify entries or make necessary comments about films at screenings, upon discretion.

Please contact with further questions.